off road difficulty

      off road difficulty

      apologies if this has been covered on another thread... am new to here.
      i bought a pair of basic Skikes and can just about move along reasonably on a rough tarmac path. i bought skikes because I wanted to use them on gravel paths and today gave it a go but had major trouble moving. the skikes didnt run over the gravel at all well and kept carching or hardly moving at all. i thought this is what they were for?? its likely im doing something wrong. can anyone help???

      First of all; I don't know if this is your first time on Skikes. If so, don't expect to simply strap them on and 'fly' away, especcially not on anything else but tarmac.

      Take your time to get your technique right and if possible follow a course. It's almost impossible to get it all right all by yourself.

      It usually takes at least several months to get things 'rolling'.

      Check is your tire pressure. Should be around 7 bar (100 psi).

      Another thing is the condition of the gravel road. When its wet, it may be soggy and when its soggy it will be pretty hard to skate on. Did your tires leave deep imprints (1 cm or more)? If so, wait till dryer wether comes along.

      The problem with the more challenging road surfaces is that they slow you down and when that happens intermittently your weight may involuntairye shifted forward. When that happens your front wheel takes most of the load and that will efefctiveliy will stop you especcially on gravel roads!

      So don't be disappointed when your expectations don't come true right away. That's simply not the way it works. If you cannot deal with that then cross-skating is not the right sport for you. It takes a lot of effort.

      Once you do get going, and your still not too thrilled about the 'off-road' capabillities of your Skikes, try Cross-Skates with 200mm tires. Not only do they have a larger diameter but are also wider. That makes skating on gravel roads a bit easier (but only if your cross-skating technique is OK).

      I hope this helped. Good luck and a happy new year!