Cross Ski Style Skates size 50 eur

      Cross Ski Style Skates size 50 eur

      Im a runner with hip injury, looking for low impact workout in the nature.

      I would also like to learn to ski tour for holidays, so a similar motion would be great. I kive in Ireland, so no snow here but pkenty of forests.

      Lastly my shoe size is eur 50, is there a skike model you can reccomend?
      Hi Ro,

      I'm not quite sure which model from Skike fits to shoe size 50?
      I've the same shoe size and I started with a Skike V07-120 with length extension kit. But I guess that I could be hard to get such one. The new models from Skike I wasn't able to test so far. What I know is that from SRB the models XRS02 and XRS06 fitting very well to our shoe size. There the question is if you prefer small wheels (150mm - XRS02) or bigger wheels (200mm - XRS06).
      I'm currently using the XRS06 and I like them.

      kind regards
      Hi Ro,

      With shoe size 50 I don't think you will fit in any Skike Model. The V8 Lift may be long enough but it is relatively narrow. With my size 44...45 I didn't fit in them very well. Of course it depends on the kind of shoes you wear.

      On top of that, the LIFT functionality of the V8 won't reaaly work with that shoe size......

      Like Roy, I think you should look at the longer models from SRB....


      P.S. Nice to have someone from Ireland in our Forum!!!! ;) Fell free to ask any questions.......

      Hello Ro,

      It took me a little while to realize that ther may be another solution for your large shoe size.

      I am a bit of a tinkerer and build all kind of cross-skating related stuff and even my own cross-skates. One of the things I have been making, even though it's been a while, are frame-extension sets for the Skike V07 PLUS! These sets can be used with the Skike V7 FIX but you won't be able to use the quick-release front axle (which I'm not too thrilled about anyway). Longer replacement axles are include in the sets.

      (Click the picture below for full size)

      An extension set will allow shoe lengths up to approximately 355 mm (and possibly even 360mm).

      If you would be interested in such a set then please let me know.

      However, there is a little problem. Currently, I am pretty tied up in a renovation of my kitchen (and another little pet project). So if you would be interested in such an extension set, I won't be able to build them myself and therefore I would have to ask two friends of mine, who are cross-skating trainers and for whom I have built a series of those extension sets. I am pretty sure they still have a few of these sets in stock.


      For mounting instruction see the attached PDF document. It's in german but I could send you an english version.…..