Hi, English speaking Skike and cross skating fans

      Skikers from Finland

      Hello skikers from Finland,

      we know, that, there are some skikers in Finland. Please report your experiences, your tipps and your ideas here in this forum.

      Thanx and best greetings to finland!

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      Hi everybody

      One more non-German-speaking skiker greets you all from the Basque Countyry, Northern Spain. I was thinking myself about posting an English Skike Forum when I found this thread. I hope skike users all over the world find here a good place gor interchaging knowledge, experiences, trails and routes, ...
      KI will do my best.
      And thenks to the administraor for open ing this English area. I suppose that it should be a donkey-work, but it should be useful if some of the forum users can make a short translation of the items that appear in the forum. I don't speak german, but I can try using some automatic translator and re-writing that awful translations (It can be done with a little imagination :) ) I will try to post here any information I find in Spain, but here a skiker is stranger than a Jupiterian.
      Thanks and greetings!
      Hi there,

      Hello from Southern Spain, I just got into Skiking and I am getting really addicted, even though as daguilar said: skiking in Spain is being an alien.

      Hopefully I get some friends to start skiking with me....I'll let you know.

      By the way, I have a question...have you ever tried to put ABEC 7 or faster bearings in the SKIKES?

      I come from in line skating and I feel really slow when skiking, I was wondering that implementing a faster bearing on my wheels would make skiking easier to ride, I have to push quite a bit since my weight is 100kg or so.

      Is there any tecnical disadvantage in doing that?

      Danke schon for your support.

      COngratulations for the english Forum, using Google translator is OK, but some decisive info get lost often.

      Bis spater
      Hi nacholegaz,

      concerning speed: Have you taken care of the air pressure in your tires? The impact on the speed you can reach is really amazing. You should use a good pump with a display of the pressure. 7 bar is what you can use for skiking on roads. Maybe this helps.
      But you will never make skikes as fast as inliners. The reason is that the resistance is much higher because of the air-rubber-wheels instead of hard plastic wheels. The advantages of the wheels are obvious, however. Have you ever tried in-line skating on a wet or gravel road? ;)

      Enjoy skiking!

      Comparing nordic skating with classic cross country skiing

      Hi everyone - greetings from England.

      I am thinking of buying nordic skates to use in England as we hardly ever get any snow where I live in the south. I have enjoyed classic cross country skiing holidays in Europe for a number of years but obviously there must be a slightly different technique when you've got wheels rather than being on snow.

      I would like to try different types of equipment before buying, ideally the type that copes with uneven surfaces - would I have to travel to Germany ? Are there any courses held in the United Kingdom?

      Is it easiest to stick with classic style rather than trying to learn skating technique?

      How does the calf brake work?

      I've watched a number of videos on 'you tube' and I am worried about cornering too !

      Please advise, thanks !

      Hi Kate,

      First of all I'd like to welcome you in this forum. I'm not that familiar with the English market - nevertheless some UK instructors did exist in the past the only thing I can come up with is sikieuk.com here you'll find some more information.

      Powerslide has a UK distribution whether they have any Nordic products I don't know, best is you go contact them directly: Sshush Distribution Colchester, Essex / CO1 9LP PHONE: 0845 258 4874 MAIL: sales@sshush.com

      For SRB I don't know any shops or sales points outside of Germany, Fleet skates show sales point in Germany, Swiss and Netherlands so far, you might want to contact the last two mentioned direct they might be able to lead you to the right sources in the UK.

      To your questions: Courses in the UK, please try to contact the folks I mentioned above.
      Nordic Cross Skating is related to the skating technique with skis but still differs quite a bit. Whether its easy or not depends, I personal found it hard at the beginning but once you are in it, it is a fantastic sport that I enjoy a lot. I have no idea how it is coming from the classic style.

      The brake works just great, but as well the technique is a bit tricky when you learn it. Later you'll find it very save. Depending on the speed you move one leg into front and the break connects with the tire and reduces the speed. Emergency breaks you more or less “throw” yourself backwards and both brakes will bite and bring you to a halt. Both techniques need some training and a course is highly recommended.

      Cornering is as matter of speed and angle of the corner, wider ones you might be able to corner with weight shift on both skates the tighter ones you have to "step" around just like on skis.

      I hope I could help you. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate posting or send me a P/N