Skike in Spanish

      flat wheels

      By the way, I'd like to comment that here in Spain I've read a lot of opinios against Skike because of the -supposedly- frequent flat wheels. As a matter of fact, when I first looked for Skike in the Internet all I found was a lot of comments about the flats, people who had sold their Skikes for this reason after having half a dozen flats in a week :eek: , so I was quite afraid when I bought them. Anyway this is not my experience, I've only had two flats in a whole year, and I've repaired them easily.
      What's your experience?
      Hi daguilarh,

      to make things clearer: Although the wheels say the pressure should not exceed 6.4 bar (at least on the last year model) you should not use your skikes with a pressure of less than 7 bar. If you skike on asphalt or similar surfaces you can even go up to 9 bar. I know skikers who do so frequently (and even used 10 bar) without ever having a problem with that. However, if you skike on rough surfaces pressures above 7 bar can be very uncomfortable, particularly after a rainshower. - A person with a higher weight than 80 kg can even use higher pressures.

      Another reason for frequent flats in earlier times was that the holes in the rim through which you put the valve when changing tires tended to have sharp edges. If you need to change a tire you should take a look at these edges. If they appear sharp just take a knife and deburr in an angle of 45°. This will help a lot to prevent further flats.

      Some Germans report of flats when skiking in heat. Personally I can't comment on that because I'm simply unable to skike when it is hot - so I wait for cool temperatures in the evening. However, I can imagine this could be a problem in Spain, particularly if you skike at low pressure.

      My statistics: 1 flat in 2000 km with various surfaces.

      If there are topics you are particularly interested in just post them here - I'm sure somebody will be willing to give an overview of the opinions published here. It may take a few days and you should not insist on perfect English... ;)

      Enjoy skiking!