Anyone still using this forum? I'm new to Skikes

      Anyone still using this forum? I'm new to Skikes

      Greetings from Vermont, USA! I have had my Skikes for two days now, and would love to talk to others who have them and speak English. Anyone out there? I want to learn German, but it will be a bit before I can afford to buy the Rosetta Stone's German version, as I just bought the Skikes.
      First off, if anyone could tell me how the strap on the sticks works that would be great? Oh, and I have maybe one or two or five hundred more questions:D
      Now, I just have to figure out which button on the bottom of this postage means "cancel" and which one means "post"~
      Hi Dedou,

      and welcome to this forum. :) Whenever somebody posts something, the forum will be reanimated - so you did what you wanted to achieve.
      Go ahead asking the questions you would like to ask. We'll try to answer them. However, we sometimes need more precise information thus we may have to ask you something, too.

      Dedou wrote:

      First off, if anyone could tell me how the strap on the sticks works that would be great?

      I would say, it depends on which sticks you have. Maybe you can give us the brandname? The reason is that there are various manufacturers each of them having their own system.
      The basic principle is: If the strap is already closed (a ring, so to say), you will probably see which is the left and which the right one (most straps say so). Take your left stick, lift the strap up with your right, slip into the big hole with your left (it may be necessary to loosen the velcro before), now go down to the handle with your left hand and hold it, then you can completely close the velcro (so it has one) with your right hand.
      Puh, it would be so much easier to show it in a video, but I hope it's clear - if this was the question!
      When using the stick it's very important not to hold the stick all the time. You only hold it for getting it from back to front. While using your stick for getting impetus to the front, you don't hold the handle but you just push down your hand within the strap.

      Hmm, I wonder whether anybody can understand what I mean. Just aks as long as it is not completely clear. I can see no other way of communicating. Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker so I try to do my best... :confused:

      But, no matter how, I wish you a lot of fun with your skikes. Up in Vermont, you perhaps have instructors for skiing (nordic)? You could ask him about the most elementary techniques which are similar, that would be better than nothing. Or you watch videos on youtube. A good website for various techniques is